Media Studies

  1. I feel pressured to always look nice because of what people say and think. You are treated better if you look nicer.
  2. I feel pressured to have a nice body because of what everyone thinks girls should look like.
  3. I feel I care more about other peoples lives than my own sometimes- (reading their posts and knowing their feelings everyday.)
  4. I feel the stress of high grades and standards from society and the workforce- if you don’t have a high average you will not get a good job.
  5. I have extensions and died my ends blonder because I seen it in media and looked nice.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 2.34.42 PM



Where do you spend the majority of your time? I spend the majority of my time sleeping and driving. I also spend a lot of my time working.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I love to work and to me, working is a good thing. It makes me proud of something in my life that is mine and I like when I am complimented on my hard work and my good work ethic. I like to work for things that I want and like the idea of buying or treating myself on payday. Being able to not always relay on my parents for everything is something to be proud of.

What could you do to improve this area to make your quality of life even better?  When i do go lay in bed, to go to bed right away not to stay up for another hour on my phone or watch Netflix. When I’m driving, not to be changing the song, looking at my phone or texting. There is always ways to improve quality of life.

What surprised you about the totals of where you spend your time? It surprised me that I spent most of my time sleeping, many teenagers in todays society do not get enough beauty sleep which effects moods, emotions and even school grades. I do my best to succeed and if sleeping an extra hour at night will help me do that I am completely fine with spending the majority of my time there.

How many hours did you spend with family? I spent at least an hour with someone in my family everyday. My family is important to me and I like to have a good relationship with them.

Who is raising YOU? My parents definitely raise me, they impact my life greatly because they are amazing role models. My sister and brother influence me to be a better role model for them, especially my sister. Society raises me but I stray away from the negatives effects from social media and the high standards it expects us to be. My boyfriend doesn’t raise me, but he influences me, encourages me and my decisions, he helps and has helped me become a better person. But most of all, I am raising me. I am becoming independent and a strong young lady, I like to be my own person, I like people who notice how mature I am. I am raising myself with the help of everyone and everything in my life, and so far I am overly pleased with who I have grown to become.

How do you think your media profile stacks up against other teenagers your age? Find someone and review their profile… I think my friends media profiles will be somewhat equivalent to mine because we do share some of the same interests and spend our time doing a lot of the same things. But also, we are totally different people and spend our time differently, it will be interesting to see.

What was noticeable different? Why do you think? Kendall spends more time with hockey and being athletic, while I spend more time working and with my family. It’s different because she has different passions and interests than I do. She loves being at the rink and being on the ice, while I prefer to be working. She is influenced by her family because they all love the sport of hockey, she doesn’t spend as much time with them because they are usually busy with sports. I also spend more time driving because I live out of town and she lives two minutes away from the school.

What was the same? We both spend the same amount of time on social media and watching Netflix, which maybe is why we are good friends.


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